Accounting as a Career for High School Presentation

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The profession of accounting includes many different job settings. The main fields for accounting include public, private, and government accounting. Public accountants work on a fee for service basis, either independently or as a member of an accounting firm. They are then hired by individuals or businesses for the purposes of preparing financial statements, auditing, tax preparation, and investigations. (1) Private accountants are employed by companies, for which they develop and maintain the financial records. (1) Government accountants are federal or state governmental employees whose jobs include keeping the financial records of governmental agencies as well as audits of private companies. In the federal government they may be …show more content…
They allow interested parties the ability to evaluate the solvency and profitability of a company. (2) As these are the two crucial aspects of ongoing business operations, the role of the accountant is very important to the business. I have found accounting to be a very satisfying career. It is a well-respected profession and it is very important to businesses and individuals. Essentially every entity from the individual to businesses to government has need of an accountant at some point, and for companies the need is ongoing. It is a profession, which means that accountants make decisions based on the best interest of their clients, irrespective of their personal best interest. Ethics in accounting are very important, and big decisions involving large amounts of money are made on the basis of financial statements prepared by the accountant. Technological advances have made much of the mundane work of general ledger entries and preparation of financial statements easier. Software is available to assist in accounting at levels ranging from individuals to large corporations. (7) Rather than replacing the accountant, these technologies allow the accountant to focus on
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