Accounts: Ethics and Integrity

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Accounts ethics Integrity is a quality that is characterized by reliability, honesty and fairness that has been developed in relationships over time. It is a concept where there is consistency in actions, principles, measures, values, outcomes, expectations and methods used. Professional integrity is very important when it comes to personal credibility as well as professional success when it comes to the world of business. Integrity will enable someone to build relationships that are effective and based on trust and mutual respect, meeting deadlines when delivering services and achievement of results. Professional integrity implies that one will carry out their business in a professional manner within the workforce without necessarily looking at the situation one is faced with. In my state accountants operate under the International Federation of Accountants that has integrity as one of its fundamental principles. Integrity is argued to be the core principle since without it there can be no professional activity that can be relied upon. Its definition of integrity is high standards exhibited by an individual when it comes to performing their professional duties and their determination not to go below those standards regardless of the situation they are in. Integrity imposes an obligation on all professionals in the accounting field to be honest and straight forward when it comes to forming business and professional relations. The principles of professional code of
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