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Accounts of the Holocaust

The Holocaust was the systematic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime during the Second World War. I will tell the story of the Holocaust through many different personal accounts of people involved in many different sides of this incredible story. I will do this by using the personal accounts of surviving victims, of those not directly involved in the event, though affected by it, and the defense of the Nazi party. But first, I will tell you a little about the event.

The Holocaust began in 1938 and lasted until 1945. This was most definitely the hardest seven years the Jewish population has ever faced. In 1933 approximately nine million Jews lived in the 21 European countries occupied by
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You see, I did not feel I had a right to exterminate the men while allowing the children to grow up and take revenge upon our sons and grandsons. We had to reach the difficult decision of making this nation vanish from the face of the earth. (,2)

This statement shows that the plan of the Nazi party went much farther than the time of the war, They wanted to build a perfect world.

Some living in Europe, not directly involved in the Holocaust, were affected by the event. This is shown in a letter to the Reich Minister of Justice from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Limberg. It reads:

...Buses arrive in Hadamar several times a week with a large number of these victims. After the arrival of such vehicles the citizens of Hadamar then see the smoke coming from the chimney and are upset by constant thoughts about the poor victims especially

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when, depending on the direction of the wind, they have to put up with the revolting smell. The consequence of the principles being practiced here is that children, when quarrelling with one another make remarks like: "You are thick, you'll be put in the oven in Hadamar." People who do not want to get married or who do not get the opportunity say: "Get married? No fear. Put children into the world who then end up going through the stack." Old people are saying "on no account will I go into a state hospital! After the
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