Accoustic Science: The Epitaph of Seikilos

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Muses blessed mortal and immortal beings with their love of music. The Muses would pour some sort of dew on the tongues of individuals they choose to honor. Then the person would express words of thanks. Princes and kings are created by Zeus but there are certain princes and kings who also have the blessings of the Muses. Those who have been blessed by the Muses will be conspicuous in their speech and the way they look. Great quarrels will be resolved with gentle words and disputes in assemblies will be set right by leaders who have been blessed by the Muses. Leaders empowered by the Muses will be treated with the reverence accorded the Immortals when they are in the company of ordinary men and women . The Muses would sneak into festivals in Greece to inspire mortals. They would whisper certain phrases into mortals they wanted inspire. Many of these musicians would develop several instruments that would be staples in Greek music. Acoustic Science Acoustics is the science of sound generation, transmission and reception. Acoustics was invented by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras which experiments of vibrating strings that produced pleasing musical intervals were so advanced that a tuning system that bears his name. There are many stories of how Pythagoras founded this system. John G. Landels argues that, “Pythagoras was listening to four blacksmiths working in shop. Each hammer made various pitches every time the hammer stuck another piece of metal”. Pythagoras analyzed

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