Accra Beach Hotel Case Study

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Carlo V. Austria

I. Overview * The case is about the Accra Beach Hotel on the Caribbean island of Barbados. West Indien Cricket Servies, an important international sporting event, sent a request to the hotel manager of the Accra Beach Hotel that concerns hosting WICS accomodation for a special rate. This rate involves a discount for 50 of the 141 rooms of the hotel. It is now then the call of the sales manager whether to accept the inquiry or not. But before the manager could decide on the matter, she should consider the welfare of the business people who will be neglected if they chose to accept the offer from WICS. On the other hand, it will bear a publicity effect as the marketing exposure through the Board if they chose to host
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* Accept the offer from WICS with its asking rate | Marketing | Finance | Operation | Strengths | WICS will promote the hotel in their events | Promotes financial stability | | Weaknesses | | Lower rates will mean lower profit | Conflict among the different market segments can arise | Threats | | | Discontinuance of patronage from guest | Opportunities | The hotel can gain popularity among cricket fanatics | | |

* Persuade WICS to increase its rate before accepting its offer | Marketing | Finance | Operation | Strengths | | Boost hotel's profitability | | Weaknesses | A possibility that the deal might be called off | | Conflict among the different market segments can arise | Threats | The promotional benefits might go to waste | | Discontinuance of patronage from guest | Opportunities | | | |

* Make arrangements with another hotel to accomodate Accra Beach Hotel's guests and share profit | Marketing | Finance | Operation | Strengths | Promotes healthy relationship with another hotel | | Guests will all be well accomodated | Weaknesses | Share in publicity brought about by WICS | Share in profits with the other hotel | | Threats | | | | Opportunities | | | More rooms will be made available for accomodation |

* Decline WICS and just pay for the hotel's own advertising campaign | Marketing | Finance | Operation | Strengths | | | Less hassle with regards to the accomodation of its usual patrons | Weaknesses | Hard to

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