Accredation Audit

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Accreditation Audit Task 2 Sentinel Event Western Governors University Accreditation Audit Task 2 Sentinel Event Nightingale is a well establish Community Hospital, which has been servicing the community by providing excellent, and compassionate healthcare provides for their patients’ needs. There values statement pledge to themselves and the community, is a commitment to four core values the first being Safety with the quote “We put our patients first”. A1 Sentinel Event As defined by the Joint Commission (2014) a sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death, or serious physical, psychological injury, or the risk thereof. With this said Nightingale community Hospital recently experienced a sentinel event…show more content…
The pre-op nurse did not pass the information on when giving report to the OR nurse. The OR nurse is responsible for giving addition hand off information both about the patient along the information from the procedure she all so communicates with the surgeon during the procedure. It was during this interview that some insight about a breakdown in communication between departments became apparent. The recovery nurse, who attended to the care of the patient during her post- anesthesia, this nurse had attempted to contact the mother by overhead paging her to the waiting area, the recovery nurse was unaware that the mother was not in the facility and needed to call her. The recovery nurse had a negative approach, on the hand off process that this facility has in place After the recovery process was completed, the patient was placed in the care of the discharge nurse. She was given a report and was aware that the mother had not showed up to collect her child and several overhead pagers had been performed. While the interview was taking place the nurse stated that she was unsure how to proceed, with the mother not being located, the nurse stated that she was relieved when she was informed that the patient father was there, the discharge nurse stated that the
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