Accreditation Audit

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Executive Summary Hospital compliance status for Nightingale Community Hospital Nightingale Community Hospital (N.C.H) has, for a number of years, been the hospital of choice for patients and family who seek superior and excellent and professional care for themselves and their loved ones. As a premier hospital in the region, it has a reputation of having an unwavering commitment to constantly improve its standards of operation so that its patients can always be assured of having unsurpassed healing and care services in the hospital. In line with its mission to provide and assure patients of its commitment to the provision excellent care and services to its patients, N.C.H gets the joint commission periodically to come in and rate all…show more content…
This in-turn translates into loss of clientele and poor revenue generation for the hospital. The management of Nightingale Community Hospital has to address the above issues by taking a number of steps. The first thing to do will be to get the hospital management to review the hospital’s policies on communication. The policies have to be evaluated to identify problem areas, loopholes and omissions which have resulted in the non compliance to the set standards of communication. After reviewing the policies, the management should then hold brainstorming meetings with the heads of the various departments in the hospital to address the issue of non-compliance in their various departments. Whatever challenges are being encountered in the various departments have to be brought up in the meeting, addressed and solutions proffered. New policies have to be drawn up to address all the prior identified problems. The next step to be taken after drawing out new policies is to re- train all the staff on the importance of effective communication and its impact on patient care, the new

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