Accreditation Essay

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1-2: Accreditation by the Joint Commission
Using a current Joint Commission Manual for any of the Joint Commission’s (JC) accreditation programs and the JC’s Website ( respond to the following questions.

1. List the accreditation programs and the types of facilities accredited by each accreditation program. * Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program – This accreditation program was established in 1975. Organizations accredited by this program are free standing ambulatory care organizations like surgical, medical/dental and diagnostic/therapeutic services in a variety of settings like, ambulatory surgery centers, military clinics, recovery care/short stay, sleep centers, teleradiology,
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Currently there are approximately 378 such CAH facilities * Home Care Accreditation Program – This accreditation program was established in 1988. Today, there are more than 5,600 accreditations granted. Facilities like Home Health, DMEPOS, Hospice, Personal Care * Hospital Accreditation Program – This accreditation program has been in existence for more than 60 years. Currently there are approximately 4,168 general, children’s, long term acute, psychiatric, rehabilitation and specialty hospitals which are accredited. This is about 82% of the nation’s hospitals. * Laboratory Accreditation Program – These are hospitals laboratory services and free standing laboratory services. Accreditation for hospital laboratories began in 1979 and accreditation for free standing laboratories services began in 1985. There are currently approximately 2,000 such facilities that are credited. * Nursing and Rehabilitation Center/Long Term Care Accreditation Program- This accreditation is for Extended Care Facilities, which are facilities that offer long term rehabilitative care. Long Term Care accreditation program was established in 1966 but was replaced in January 2013 by the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center accreditation program. Additional certification is offered to more advanced facilities and this certification is Rehabilitation and Advanced Care
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