Accreditation Process : A New Concept

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Some say that the accreditation process is a ritual that has no true value.
Hospital accreditation is not a new concept. In the 1860s, Florence Nightingale helped lay the foundation for health care quality assurance by advocating a system for collecting and evaluating hospital statistics. Her results showed that mortality rates varied significantly from one hospital to another. When the American College of Surgeons (ACS) was established in 1913, one of its primary goals was the improvement of hospital patient care. In 1918, it introduced the Hospital Standardization Program which created hospital accreditation as a formal means of assuring good hospital care. The result of the first survey revealed that many hospitals were not meeting the standards. However, by 1950, almost 95% of the hospitals qualified for approval (Heuer, A., 2002).
As a nurse, I believe that accreditation process has true value. Accreditation is an important process designed to contribute to quality improvement in health care facilities. It has been vital to the process of ongoing quality improvement ever since the process was first introduced in the United States following World War I. Surveying is not an area that in the past has been considered or served as an educational opportunity for the health professionals who conduct the surveys. Furthermore, external surveying is not usually undertaken as secondary employment for the purpose of satisfying professional development requirements. However,…
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