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ACC 380 – Accounting for Not-For-Profit For the final project in ACC380 Accounting for Not-For-Profit, we were asked to prepare a Statement of Activities, a Statement of Unrestricted Revenues, Expenses, and Other Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets along with a Statement of Changes in Net Assets for Lee College which is a private not-for-profit college. In addition to the financial statements, we were also asked to explain the process that was used to prepare the financial statements and to offer an in-depth analysis of the financial health of Lee College. My first step was to set-up my Excel template for the Statement of Activities by using the information provided in the closing entries for Lee…show more content…
Again, using my carefully crafted Statement of Activities, I prepared the Statement of Changes in Net Assets. It was relatively easy in that I had already classified my assets by type. Under the temporarily restricted assets, the net assets released from restrictions are the sum of satisfaction of plant acquisition and satisfaction of program restrictions. Increase in Net Assets is the sum of increase/decrease in unrestricted net assets, increase in temporarily restricted net assets and increase in permanently restricted net assets. Net Assets, 12/31/15 is the sum of ending balances given in the exercise and the increase in net assets. Again it was important to check to make sure this tied back to the Statement of Activities and the Statement of Unrestricted Revenues, Expenses and Other Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets. Now for the in-depth financial analysis of Lee College. Lee College is a private, not-for-profit college. By looking at the Statement of Activities, Lee College looks healthy. While there is a decrease in unrestricted assets for the year, the overall increase in net assets is approximately $3.9M. One concern could be the lack of unrestricted surplus which may be needed for establishing working capital, expanding/replacing facilities, retiring debt or continuing a program beyond the period of initial funding. My assumption is that

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