Accurate History Of The United States

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Accurate History in Textbooks
In the United States, November is a month leading up to a feast where we all give thanks to the people we love and care for; as well as giving thanks to the people who helped the first settlers survive during the harsh winter in a new world-- the Native Americans. While citizens of this country feast on Thanksgiving Day, they may not take into consideration the systematic murders of America’s native peoples in order to get to where we are today. This is because the history of how the United States became a sovereign nation has been twisted into a biased account, which is taught in the American school system. This problem has lead to a society with racism deeply ingrained in our culture, and ignorance about the actual events which took place in efforts to demolish the Native American culture and their history. It is time to end this mentality in our school system, and to end the racism that has been in our society through decades and decades of misinformation found in our textbooks and public institutions. If this nation is ever to heal from the millions of lives taken in order for us to live on this land, we must implement plans for our school system to better include what exactly happened to our native peoples, rather than twist truths and distort the reality of America’s history to cover-up the white man’s crimes and guilt.
In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail and landed in what is now known as Bahamas, claiming it for Spain. He
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