Accusation And Defense Of The Salem Witchcraft Trials

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RESEARCH PAPER Accusation and defense in the Salem witchcraft trials Suraj Gamal History 1301-73001-73002 JOE L. MCCAMBRIDGE - HISTORY 1301-1302 One of the most infamous Trial in history took place on March 1, 1692. According, to the Library of Congress, Massachusetts authorities catechized Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and an Indian Slave, Tituba regarding their practice in witchcraft. The trial resulted in more than 150 men and women in and around Salem jailed on charges of practicing "Witchcraft and Sorceries." Nineteen of them were men and women who were eventually convicted and hanged on Gallows Hill with additional male suspect pressed to death, while others died in prison. The excerpts of Diary of Samuel Sewall by Samuel Sewall…show more content…
The wonders of the invisible world: Being an account of the tryals of several witches, lately executed in England Published in 1693 by Increase and Cotton Mather, gives the first-hand account of the event. The father and son duo who supported the Salem Witch Trial and were involved in the government of the then colonial Massachusetts bay write on the defense of the trial. The book which was published by Nabu press in 2011. Reiner Smolinski introduced the copyright in 1998. As opposed to the diary of Samuel Sewall, Cotton Mather provides a more in-depth understanding of the contextual background of the trial. The two works are interrelated and co-exist because both Sewall and Mather had their significant role during the preceding the trial. Sewall dairy also highlights the role of Mather as he mentions his and Mather role during the trial. Although, the various court records and documents were put forth for the sole purpose of evaluating the testimonies. Mather presents himself as unbiased but the undertone of his "oracular observations" has proven the temptation of devil during the discourse of the event. This was based on the following context. 1. The Political and social life The Massachusetts government at the time was dominated by puritan Secular leaders, the likes of Increase Mather
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