Accused of Murder in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

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The novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie was first published in 1939. The novel is about 10 people who were falsely led to an Indian Island by a man who goes by the name “U.N. Owen”, which the guests later found out stood for UNKNOWN. The 10 people were accused of murdering someone in their past. Slowly, the people each get murdered one by one. The people's guilt causes some to go crazy. One of the ten, Vera Claythorne, caught onto the way the people were being murdered. A nursery rhyme which was placed in each one of the guest's rooms told the way in which each person would be murdered. Ten Indian figurines, which stood for each one of the guests, sat on the table each one disappearing whenever someone died. Justice Wargrave tried to lead the guests into believing that since there was nobody else but them on the island one of the 10 people had to be the murderer. The people began to turn on each other and act very frantic and worrisome. As the last person, Vera Claythorne, died and the police noticed the island, a letter was found in a bottle in the ocean. The letter contained the confession of Lawrence Wargrave. Justice Wargrave said in the letter how he plotted the murder of the 10 people to fulfill his desire to murder and his desire to create justice. Each of the 10 guest's murders couldn’t be proven by the law but they were guilty. Wargrave used a childhood nursery rhyme, “Ten Little Indians”, to show the way he would murder each person. Wargrave faked
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