Ace Hardware Store Entering Bahrain Market

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International Management Group Report Ace Hardware Store Entering Bahrain Market Contents Executive Summary 4 1.0 Introduction 5 2.0 Industry Business Description 6 3.0 Company description 6 3.1 Type of business 6 3.2 Legal Structure 8 3.3 History 8 3.3.1 Mission 8 3.3.2 Goals & Objectives 9 3.4 Company Structure 10 4.0 Ace Product analysis: 10 4.1 Customer profile/demand analysis: 13 4.2 Competitive situation: 14 5.0 Environmental factors 16 5.1 Host Country Business Climate: 16 5.2 SWOT ANALYSIS: 17 5.3 Government constraints in Bahrain 20 5.4 PEST ANALYSIS 21 6.0 Business Strategies 24 6.1 Product /service positioning 24 6.2 Pricing strategy 25 6.3 Distribution and logistics 27 6.4 Promotion and Advertising…show more content…
Therefore, embracing the ACE name in 1927 and incorporated the succeeding year. Frank Burke served as president of the group and was succeeded by Richard Hesse in 1930. Over the next two years the firm progressed into a hardware organisation, obtaining directly from producers and storing merchandise in its own warehouse in Chicago. This strategy allowed ACE to further reduce costs by removing ‘middlemen’ wholesalers (Anonymous, 2012). Moreover, during its first half-century of operation, ACE was basically a conformist wholesale group, and its profits were distributed equally among shareholders. The company’s low-cost purchasing and distribution procedures quickly enticed new employees and franchisees. By the mid – 1930’s, the organisation had 41 members and sales of more than $650,000. Throughout history, ACE has accomplished to solidify their position as one of the strongest and leading competitors in the hardware industry. 3.3.1 Mission The mission of the ACE team is to ensure that their customers are satisfied. According to (Anonymous, 2012), “When something goes other than the way it was planned, we do everything in our power to make it right. You have the ACE promise on that”. In relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR), ACE Hardware has partnered with the CMN hospitals to give back to communities. The ACE Foundation has raised over $50
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