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I. Introduction Acer is a Taiwanese computer technology and electronics corporation. It manufactures desktops and laptop PCs, personal digital, servers, storage devices, displays, smart phones, and peripherals. Since the company was considered to be of low value of manufacturing company, from the early 2000s Acer has streamlined its operations, spinning off its manufacturing operations. In addition, Acer has implemented a new channel business model and shifted itself to a pure brand company that markets and distributes its products (Wikipedia, 2011). In 1976, Acer was founded by Stan Shih, his wife Carolyn Yeh, and a group of five others as Multitech. In 1987, the company was renamed Acer. From 1994 to 1995, Acer advanced from…show more content…
A Muti-brand Strategy has successfully implemented in Acer Company which integrates Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell, and eMachines brands in the worldwide markets (2010). Furthermore, the management team is also a key factor of Acer’s remarkable success. The Channel Business Model support their partners and suppliers to take part in Acer service net work that provide customers with new technology, good price, and high quality service. This management focuses on efficient operations and marketing strengths to form a profitable business model for Acer’s present and future success (2010). 5. Financial Management Within the scope of computer business, Acer is appropriate to transfer to invest some related businesses, and make use of derivative financial products. Thus, Acer creates high investment income, foreign exchange income, and interest income. Moreover, it also successfully shifts itself into Control Company and the center of group 's capital management (Wikipedia, 2011). An Early Financial Warning System: The policy makers should have overall concepts of company’s revenues, expenses, profit margin, and anything that can affect the business model and financial structure. Financial structure should have an indicator. If there is any data over this indicator, it means the company will have a crisis. The purpose of early warning system is to alert the owner to find the

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