Acer, Inc.: Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon

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Case Analysis: Acer, Inc.: Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon 1. As to a comparison we can say that both were looking for the best of the company, Shih being his company had worked thru years for having his company blossom not only locally but also internationally, reason why he then brought Liu to bring to the company professional management structures; structures that had an American base since were brought from the previous company he had worked: IBM. Other than that and being both Taiwanese, they actually had more contrast than similarities on his management styles. Shih was more of a paternalistic and democratic manager, he was more traditional in his management practices as to the Asian community, and they are more of a…show more content…
4. Yes, Shih was maybe cautions but he should have taken into consideration how well Acer was starting to do again, also Shih forgot for a moment the first principle, customers first; the focus groups, Culver commissioned, demonstrated customers wanted something different, something that would not remind them of their work, it was a very good proposal. Acer was on the top 10 and they needed something to stay on vanguard, something different that would provide them competitive

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