Acer's Case Study: Acquisition

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A general definition of technology can be the use of a science in an industry, engineering…etc, to invent useful things or solve problems, in other words, it can be a machine, piece of equipment, method...etc, that created by advanced contemporary way. Technology constitutes a significant source of competitive advantage and progress for firms, since it enables a business to respond rapidly to changing customer demand and to access and develop new market opportunities, therefore, a firm must be up to date with all new in technology development, and make the necessary collaborations or acquisitions or both in order to develop a new process or product and reduce the risk and cost. In this essay we are going to discuss ACER case study in this field (Business Dictionary, 2016).

Acquisition is the way of how an organization will obtain the technologies necessary for its business, based on the buy-collaborate-make decision and it could be done internally by technological /collaborative development or purchasing from external developers, acquisition is a part of a company's growth strategy whereby it is more beneficial to take over an existing firm's operations and niche compared to expanding on its own, Acer's process for technology acquisition and
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all (2014) argued that Product item (Specialized): Are individual products or brands which if developed and well exploited could make up a product line later, in other words, a specific version of a product that can be designated as a unique offering among a business's products, they might be tailored according to each customer's special needs and wants for small quantity with high cost, like perfume markets, or mass production, which are large quantity of the exactly the same product with standardized qualifications at low cost, fast food businesses like McDonalds are a good example of mass

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