Acetic Acid and Ink

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An Investigatory Project
Chapters 1- 3

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Alfonso, Manuela Fairbanks
Garcia, Tonica Paga
Cho, Jung Hun
Lat, Manuel Miguel Feliciano

November 2013

Chapter I

A. Background of the Study The group will conduct the study because the group noticed that teabag extract is dark in colour and it can be use to make ink, and also the group noticed that teabags are made from natural resources. Some kinds of teas are made out of a plant known as Camellis Sinensis. This plant is native to mainland China, but it is today cultivated across the world specially in tropical regions. Due to the chlorophylls and other pigments in the leaves, the
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Boiling all the components at a very high temperature is required, thus the vinegar’s limit of heat is 118oC for it to boil. Also getting the extract properly is very important because the extract of the teabag has the component Camellis Sinensis.

B. Review of Related Study There are other investigatory project that tried to use natural products to produce an ink, and some of these are Charcoal as an Alternative Ink, Production of Brown Ink Out of Gmelina Arborea Fruit, and lastly Banana Sap and Rice Stock as Ink Bases of Natural Ink vs. Commercial Ink.

The results are as expected. The project who made ink out of charcoal had an ink as dark as a commercialized ink.

Chapter 3

A. Experimental Design The group’s project we plan to test out which ink will be better, the one with vinegar and cornstarch or without. These are the step in making the ink:

Set-up A:
1. Place 7 teabags in 11/2 cups of boiling water
2. Boil the tea for 6-8 minutes
3. Remove the teabags in the boiling water. Use a strainer and a fork to remove all the extracts.
4. Add a tablespoon of vinegar while stirring the tea
5. While stirring, add as much dissolved cornstarch as you need to have your desired consistency.
6. Remove from heat and let it cool then store the ink in the bottle.

Set-up B:
1. Place 7 teabags in 11/2 cups of boiling water
2. Boil
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