Achievement Gap with Minorities

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When the conversation about achievement gap is broached, it is often offensive towards minorities. Mainly because it implies that you’re acknowledging the fact that there is and achievement difference among their race and Whites. Personally I have no problem with the term because it is factual. It’s what school officials are not doing to close this gap that i have a problem with The achievement gap is sustained by poor school management and teaching—not other social or cultural factors. In order to close this gap among students, school officials must better prepare teachers, implement a common core curriculum, and encourage positive teacher-student relationships. One way to close the achievement gap among white students and minority students is to establish better teacher-student relationships,TSR. In order to establish better teacher-student relationships, the teachers must support and engage with their student. Building some sort of trust plays a major role in TSR. Teachers must talk to and interact with their students and show them that they genuinely care. TSR would also help promote a positive class environment. With a great relationship and positive setting students are more likely to do better in their academic work; which is a great way to close the achievement gap. Improving TSR in the education system has proven to increase students progress and help close the achievement gap on more than one occasion and especially in Black and Latino students. For
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