Essay on Achievement Results

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Achievement Results

Scenario 1
The problem for this client is more then just about his grades or his SAT scores. The client plans on attending Yale where his parents attended, but is worried about his SAT scores being high enough to get accepted. He is concerned about earning anything less then almost perfect grades and is worried about disappointing his parents by not getting accepted into Yale and graduating.
It is obvious that the client wants to do well at things, but his reasonings for wanting to do well could be based off his parents. The visible evidence of worry and upset shows signs of critical hardness and critique on himself and towards his future success. I think it is important to cover the achievments that he has
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Changing the mindset of having to go to Yale because his parents did a key factor in this client’s life. The client should feel less anxious and worried if he can see support and view other schools that can still fit his intelligence levels and impact his growth in a positive way. The client has worked hard and wants to be noticed in his accomplisments. His parents are going to be a key factor in this process.
Scenario 2
The daughter could be developing at a normal pace, but for this client it would be important to discuss the average norms of basic skills. The mother believes that her daughter could be falling behind in her coursework or that the daughter could have a learning disability. The mother could be dealing with some worry or anxiety about the achievments of her daughter and could worry about the normal development of her child. The mother seems to be comparing the intelligence of her daughter to other peers.
For this client, I would assess the average norms of adolescent growth and development. I would present the scores for intellegince and compare them to the daughters. Showing the norm and criterion in comparision could help to show the mother a visual of different IQ and scoring charts for intelligence tests. Assessing the norms will help the mother to place the development of her daughter. The mother seems to be comparing her daughter to other peers and
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