Achievements Of 1st And 2nd Wave Feminism

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Achievements of 1st and 2nd Wave Feminism
America has seen numerous movements that have come and gone, and all of them had an agenda for which they stood for. Even in modern times, many rights and activists groups are often pushing for amendments and reforms for certain issues for which they feel upset about. These movements have been particularly important over the course of years in the manner of America’s social, economic and political affairs have developed. The three waves of feminism are some of the well renowned feministic movements that have fought for different rights for women populations over the years. The three waves of feminism advocate for gender equality and recognition of women’s rights by fronting political and sociological principles through public campaigns. Feminism traces its roots in ancient Greece but has since spread to all parts of the world. In the modern day, the world is experiencing the third wave of feminism that is continuing to bear fruits in a variety of ways, and for this reason, it 's hard to pinpoint the achievements it takes. However, while it remains to be seen as to what the third wave achieves, the first and second wave of feminism have accomplished numerous achievements in the past.
Women’s control over their lives was the main agenda of the first wave of feminism. In the 19th century, women were able to transform the perception of their role and place in the society. In Praticular, women were able to change the role they played in…

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