Achievements Of The Han Dynasty

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Persians and Chinese Under the rule of Liu Bang, the Han dynasty (202B.C.E. - 220 C.E.) was one of the world’s largest and wealthiest empires. Among its achievements were improvements to the imperial administration, urban culture, technology and commerce. The dynasty was so successful that the people began to call themselves the Han people. Emperor Gaozu formerly known as Liu Bang , changed the bureaucracy and strict laws by lowering taxes, implementing less severe punishments and allowed Confucian scholars to serve as state officials. At first government officials were asked to recommend young men to join the government but eventually the emperor started an imperial university in order to pick better candidates for the job. These candidates eventually had to master Confucian and pass a test to join the government and over time provided a government of scholarly Confucian officials. In addition to the Confucian government, China’s army was massive. Under the rule of Han Martial Emperor (141-87B.C.E), the empire expanded its army 3000 miles east to west and 2000 miles north to south encompassing 60 million people. This expansion included North Vietnam, Northern Korea, southern Manchuria and west into Central Asia. Unfortunately, the amount of taxes needed to keep an army this size supported drained the Chinese resources. Revolts and raids plagued the empire and in 9c.e, Wang Mang was put in place after a coup took place that eliminated a child emperor and put
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