Achievements Of The Ming Dynasty

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From one dynasty to another we move forward into a new era of greatness in Chinese history that was invested by The Ming Dynasty. The early rulers of the Ming Dynasty were all about initiative. The chief initiatives taken by the early rulers of the Ming Dynasty to enhance the role of China in the world were making, Confucian institutions, factories and workshops cities, and increasing the food output. In order to bring back information and goods to their dynasty the imperial court ordered the famous voyages of Zhenghe. Later down the road the main Emperor, Emperor Yongle behind these voyages passed away so these expeditions were discontinued.

Now the Ming Dynasty was mainly all about Confucianism, but the people of the Sui Dynasty was more into Buddhism and Daoism. It was a constant battle between these teachings, but in the competition with Confucianism for support by the state, Buddhism like Daoism was certain to lose. Confucian thinkers started to pick apart the classical Confucian doctrine, and after doing so they came up with a new doctrine called Neo-Confucianism. All three of these doctrines played a significant role in Chinese intellectual life in the period between Sui Dynasty & the Ming by introducing philosophy, different philosophers and self-cultivation.

The blossoming of traditional China started to develop between the Tang and the Ming dynasties, when it was a great age of Chinese literature and art. There were many other achievements during the period of
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