Achieving A Greater Knowledge And Understanding On How You Develop Strategies For Success

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Attaining a greater knowledge and understanding on how to develop strategies for success in many parts of your life are crucial. In doing so, you are broadening your spectrum for greater success as an individual. Becoming aware of the many different practices and theories will allow one to become a more successful being, as they are taking control of what they are doing with their life. Everyone has so much more potential than they believe and it is up to them to discover all that they are capable of. In the different aspects of someone’s life – academic, co-curricular, work or personal – everyone has an opportunity to take full control and become someone that they are proud of. Chapter 7, Finding “aha!” Creativity fuels critical thinking, page 235 Critical thinking is crucial when trying to find a solution to a problem. It is important to look at a problem from different viewpoints in order to gain an insight of all of the possible solutions. What resonated with me the most in this article is that you must choose when to think creatively. This means that you should make conscious decisions about what kind of thinking to do in any given moment. This concept will aid me by making me think cautiously about decisions that I make in order to obtain many different options before I take action. In having more options, you are able to choose which will cause a greater outcome, allowing you to become more successful. Chapter 7, Don’t food yourself: 15 common
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