Achieving A Successful Teenage Mothers

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Academically Successful Teenage Mothers Mothers Who Graduate High School Adolescent mothers who graduated high school had significant amount of support from an adult whom they confided in. This adult supported them through pregnancy, the transition to motherhood, and in an academic setting. The adult could be a parent, a friend, a counselor, or a teacher. The support they received from the adult would allow for them to finish high school and get a high school degree. Thus, adolescent mothers would pursue their educational attainment for themselves, their children, and for their supportive systems (Moore, 2014). Ravenell (2012) conducted a study where sixty-three percent of teenage mothers had a diploma, nineteen percent had received a…show more content…
The main struggles that reoccurred within her life and other teenage mothers in college were financial struggles, day care struggles, and struggles with time management. Salazar and other teenage mothers self-proclaimed their daily struggle of finding time to do homework, attend class, and take of their children simultaneously. Mothers in higher education encountered struggles that a common college student would not encounter for another five or ten years. Although having a child and completing a college education was a hard challenge for these teenage mothers, these teenage mothers strived to finish college and gain a career for themselves and their children. Majority of mothers depend on external support to continue their education. The support the mother’s need is met by programs such as Helping Overcome Poverty though Education or HOPE. HOPE is a program designed for teenage mothers. The primary goal of HOPE is to provide support for teenage mothers who were planning or pursuing higher education, but at a high risk of dropping out and living in poverty both before and after pregnancy and motherhood. HOPE is a program determined to help a teenage mother’s transition from high school to college, as well as the transition to motherhood. HOPE is one of the very few programs established that allows for teenage mothers to succeed academically. Programs like HOPE allow for more
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