Achieving Business Information Security in Cyberspace

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How to achieve business information security in cyberspace Introduction The interdependent network of digital and communication infrastructure is referred to as the cyberspace. It includes telecommunication networks, the internet, and computer systems. Cyberspace underpins every facet of our modern society. It provides support for civil infrastructure, U.S. economy, national security and public safety. The term cyberspace can also be used to mean the interactions of people and the virtual information environment. Cyberspace enables the growth of effective and more efficient business processes. All businesses need to ensure that their customers have confidence that their sensitive information, the infrastructure they use and that their transactions are secure. There are many ways through which all these can be compromised some of them are worms, viruses, phishing, unauthorized access, Trojan horses and denial of service attacks ADDIN EN.CITE Miyazaki200084(Miyazaki & Fernandez, 2000)848417Miyazaki, Anthony D.Fernandez, AnaInternet Privacy and Security: An Examination of Online Retailer DisclosuresJournal of Public Policy & MarketingJournal of Public Policy & Marketing54-611912000American Marketing Association07439156 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Miyazaki, 2000 #84" Miyazaki & Fernandez, 2000). To ensure their business information is secure a company will need to have a strong firewall, latest antivirus software, use encryption and

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