Achieving Competitive Advantage Is Producing A Product That Has Value

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A key to achieving competitive advantage is producing a product that has value (Fortenberry, 2010). To achieve value Health Smart Nurse Consulting Group (HSNCG) has to engage in activities that that can build value. Michael Porter Value Chain will be utilized to identify value-producing activities that are within in the consulting group. If these activities run efficiently, the company will gain competitive advantage of the product or service. All the activities in an organization have cost, and generate a return. If rate of return is greater than the cost, the activities will add value to the organization SUPPORT ACTIVITIES: Activities that can directly lead to value and give the consulting group a competitive edge according to Michael…show more content…
All educational material will be made available on disc or through the internet for a cost. A small media room with computers for consumers. -In house education sessions will be held at consumer’s location Outbound logistics Educational offering times will be flexible. In house education at facilities will be built around staff schedule. Special make up will be offered for those absent or on leave via video or offering at company headquarters. Saturday sessions will be held once a month and late evening classes scheduled two times a week. SHNCG will have session on holiday, excluding Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving Marketing and Sales HSNCG will invest in a marketing Director who will engage in aggressive marketing campaigning using all avenues. A unique feature will be offered to individual and institutions : learn now pay later. Education discounts offered every quarter. Customers will be allowed to open and educational account. Free repeat education sessions for individual that fail to achieve a passing grade on regulatory or credentialing exams. Educational offering times will be flexible, and prices incentive for groups of three or staff over 30. SNCG opportunities in Fayetteville are great as health care workers make up 30 % of Fayetteville population. An anticipated increase in population is expected with
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