Achieving Early Literacy Skills In Homer's Learn With Homer

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The app that I chose was Learn with Homer. The app is free from the app store but the access is limited. However, you can purchase different packages through the app. There is also a website but the only way to gain access into the website is to put in a credit card. The price in order to get unlimited access is a monthly cost of $7.95, a 3-month subscription of $20.99, or an annual subscription of $79.95.
Learn With Homer is a fun app that engages children through the beautiful map where they can find just the right lesson to pique their interest that day. Children can choose from a wide selection of books from folktales, science and history adventures, songs and rhymes, first readers, and fairytales. Children who use this app are motivated
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One literacy skill is phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is, understanding that words are made up of separate sounds. In the app children have lessons where they hear the sounds of the letters and have to choose the picture that either begins with the sound or has the sound in the middle of the word. For example the app says the sound of a. Phonics is another literacy skill that is designed for the app. Phonics is the ability to connect letter sounds to a letter symbols in order to read and spell words. For example in the app, children are introduced to the sound a letter makes, taught to match that sound with the proper letter symbol, and put the sounds together to make words. The third literacy skill is spelling. Spelling is forming words from letters. For example in the app the child has a picture and letters in which they have to spell the word in the picture. The fourth literacy skill is Fluency. Fluency is the ability to read “rapidly, smoothly, without many errors, and with appropriate expression” (Graves, 2011). For example in the app the child, begins at the first reading level the reaches the final reading level to become a fluent reader. The final literacy skill is reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text and understand the meaning of the text. For example in the app, the child reads a story and when the child is finished, a character asks a few questions about the
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