Achieving Free College Tuition

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Free education not only means an individual improving in the labor market, but also ensuring a job and safe environment to live in. Now days, getting a job with an average salary requires a college degree. It is not easy to live without having a college degree. So if not everybody can attend college to get a degree, many people would end up living in the street because nobody would hire a non-educated person. (Reference). That is one of the main reasons why free college tuition can solve the problem of poverty in many nations. In addition to getting a job, free education can directly be related to the reduction of crime rate and illegal activities. According to Groot and van den Brink, crime including roughness is more regular among the lower educated people than high educated people (2010). In fact, increase number of crimes can also mean a low GDP of a country. Groot and van den Brink’s result, that “The total costs of crime are about 2.5% of GDP each year” (p. 279). So by providing a free education for everybody a society can live in a more grown and professional environment.…show more content…
They see that the standard of education will be lower since there will be some difficulties on the government to provide the financial and human resources to the maximum extent. There is no doubt that governments will face challenges in covering the taxes and expenses of other public services including the institution fees. However, such problem is outweighed by the benefits of free education on the domestic and international level. According to Romer and Wolfer, educational investments by government not only generate returns for those who actually get the human capital but also those who experience indirect benefits of it, probably through innovations and social
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