Achieving High School Goals

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Have you ever wondered about how you’ll graduate high school? If you attend college, or go traveling around the world instead? I know I do, a lot. I especially think about what strengths I will need in order to take part in college and achieve my goal of being an architect. However, I can tell that my abilities of getting work done and learn new things quickly will lead me to graduating high school with a 4.0 grade point average and attending Stanford college which will let me access my dream job or becoming an architect. But before I can go to Stanford, I first have to work on my skills.
The skills I need to achieve my goals are; getting my work done fast and learning new things quickly. If I get my work done fast it will help me achieve my high school goals of getting good grades, joining sports teams and socially interacting with others and here’s why. First of all, getting my work done fast can result in having a lot of extra free time to do things like hanging out with friends and doing extra curriculum activities like sports. Second of all, if I get all my work done quickly i’ll have everything turned in resulting with a good grade, maybe even a 4.0 grade point average. My other skill of learning new
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One of my high school goals is to join multiple sports teams. Another one of my goals is to socially interact with new people and finally my last goal is to graduate high school with a 4.0gpa. I will achieve this goal by turning all my work in so i’ll be able to sign up for a sport because my grades will be higher. When I play and practice my sports i’ll then be able to socially interact with people that I would never envision hanging out with. For example; People from all different friend groups come and play all together so i’ll be able to meet them and probably become friends with them. Also when I compete with other teams I will be able to meet them and maybe even get to know them a
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