Achieving Higher Heights Marketing Team Goal

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The Executive Summary: Achieving Higher Heights Marketing Team goal is to expound Adidas status within the footwear apparel industry and also introduce them to new markets. We will achieve this by broadening our social media area, and balancing out with sales promotion and publicity. Adidas is a German based multinational organization that specializes in the production of a wide variety of sports clothing and accessories. Adidas target market will range from adolescents to college students (male/female 10-30), and additionally sports trainers, athletic directors, and even older audiences (50+) who still enjoy exercise as well as appreciate something comfortable on their feet. AHH will increase their sales by targeting all of these…show more content…
Our Marketing Partners include: Tyesha Williams is an executive rep for the firm (AHH) Achieving Higher Heights. It has now been 7 yrs. since she started working with this amazing firm. In her own words, “I was fortunate to help put together a team of talented experienced reps to create such an establishing firm! I have 5 yrs. of prior experience working with other big name brands such as timberland. AHH just signed a 3 yr. contract with Adidas in hopes to increase their revenue!” Darian Hayes was a sales representative in the footwear/apparel industry for 9 years. In the past he’s worked for very notable brands such as Steve Madden, Supra, and Converse. In his own words, ”One of my greatest achievements is helping establish Achieving Higher Heights marketing firm with my 5 talented colleagues. I’m proud to say that AHH is now 7 years strong.” Mr. Hayes has a strong background in Mass communications and focuses on dealing with customer satisfaction as well as building strong client partnerships. Renard Rowe is a marketing rep for Achieving Higher Heights marking firm. He started about 6 years ago with this firm after working as a media specialist for the Atlantic Coast Conference. His position made me him an expert on photography and visual aspects. His experiences provide great insight and feedback for digital and visual marketing. Leon Clarke is the social media-marketing director and he’s been with AHH for 7 years.
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