Achieving Increased Self Esteem Through Adaptive Sports

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Achieving Increased Self-Esteem through Adaptive Sports “Our society places emphasis on looks, speed, and being the same or better than everyone else” (Voight, 2012). Thusly how can a person with a disability compete, live, love and be loved in a society that renders them less than adequate and incapable. For millions of people with disabilities attaining self-actualization, positive self- image, and building the healthiest body one can achieve is impossible. How can a person attain higher levels of mental and physical functions when many persons with disabilities cannot complete their basic physiological needs? Imagine how a disabled person must feel lacking the characteristics of the status quo, given a body or a mind that has limited development; yet living in a society filled with social stigmas and preconceived ideas of ones abilities based on aesthetics and physical attributes. Having a disability and being different in a society obsessed with perfection could encroach individuals with many negative feelings of inadequacies. Many people with disabilities become shut-ins with little social interaction, few friends, little to no physical activity which can lead to poor health and self-image. However through adaptive sports disable people can achieve higher levels of fitness, formulate friendships through team work and competition and improve overall health and self-esteem. Just as in traditional sports team work and competition can build strong bonds, bodies, and minds
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