Achieving Motivation At The Workplace

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1. What is the best way to achieve motivation at work? Explain your answer with reference to relevant literature and examples.

Problem Statement:

Achieving motivation at the workplace is extremely important as the desire for workers to perform more efficiently and higher in terms of quality can directly influence the overall performance of a company (Ridgeway, 1982). Thus, discovering the best way to achieve motivation at work is a very necessary topic to be discussed. However, the definition of “the best” may vary from person to person. “The best way to achieve motivation” in this essay is defined as achieving work efficiency as high as possible while maintaining the high morale of employees.

Argument Outline:

· There is
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The theory is the first management theory and it’s 100 years old (Stoner, Edward, Gilbert, 2003) but some of its principles are still effective. Although It treats workers as machines and pre-program them to do their respective jobs and rewards workers for good and excellent working results and punish them if they fail to make the standard, it introduced piece-rates to raise the employees’ initiative and therefore enhance the productivity.

· Evidence: Though being old, practice like piece-rate introduced by Taylorism never ages, especially for labor-intensive industries, and even some rather new and fancy industries. For example, according to the Guardian, 2016, UberEats drivers and riders can earn “£3.30 per delivery, plus a £4 “promotion” amount per job between 11.30am and 2.30pm, or a £3 promotion between 6.30pm and 9.30pm, as well as the mileage payment.” Piece- rate well stimulates the motivation of workers to do more, do better. Working as a part-time translator for a media, my job was to translate English articles or videos into another language, and I got generously paid on piece-rate. If the articles or videos attracted more readers’ attention than expected, I could get a bonus pay which may be higher than or at least equal to the normal pay I got from the translation work, so I was quite hard working and really dedicated a huge amount of time to the work.
· Theory: Human Relations Theory argues that employees are not machines and
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