Achieving Project Goals Simulation

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Project management is a multifaceted activity that desires and requires diverse knowledge and skills from the concerned people. The simulation project had many considerations that took after manipulation of the natural skills and materials into meeting the elephant project. The directives that were of immense importance came from the knowledge and skills gained from the course materials and comparative approaches involved throughout the study period (Choudhury, 1988).
After completing the project, I learnt immense skills and knowledge as regards going beyond extremes of time and activity in order to meet the objected and non-objected calls of the project. The project on elephants had to be covered within the initial scope that was set during the creation of the project. In order to fulfill the needs and specifications of the project, the workers had to increase more of their attention, concentration, and determination. I perceive a project as a tedious and cheap avenue that can be accomplished if equitable plans have been set before its initialization.
After completing the project, I developed innate skills and knowledge as regards management of challenges that…

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