Achieving Quality Health Care Value

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Achieving quality health care value is a goal that many different health care institutions strive for. The need has led to the adoption of various quality improvement processes in health care facilities (Stevans, Bise, McGee, Miller, Rockar, & Delitto, 2015). Health care providers and health care institutions are forced to use evidence-based plans as a way of promoting quality healhcare. Quality improvement is a chronologic and formal approach to the evaluation of various practice performance and the realizing different strategies to better the performance (Boyer, Gardner, & Schweikhart, 2012). It involves identifying the change to be introduced, selecting evidence-based strategies, adapting the strategies to the local environment, assessing the barriers to the use of the strategy, selecting and tailoring implementation interventions, monitoring fidelity and use of strategies and sustaining use of plan in the provision of care. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center identified low back pain as a condition greatly affects the individuals they treat and after considering its prevalence and the cost it brings to them and their patients; they came up with a low back initiative. Three strategies were put in place algorithm of 72 hours aimed at encouraging timely referrals of patients with low back pain for physical therapy, spreading of management protocol based on evidence at all areas of care and gathering of information concerning processes of health care, clinical
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