Achieving Success With The Arts

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Achieving Success with the Arts
Sabrina M. Gemmer
Professor Bernard
Jefferson Community Technical College

The Arts and Us
Different forms of art have been around since the beginning of time. Art, comes from a cultures specific way of life that has been passed down from generations. Art helps mold people into creative individuals. It helps people stand out, be their own person, and increase their imagination. Art surrounds us from the time we are young children to adults. As a young child, the song your parent may use to sing you to sleep is a form of an art. The building blocks you played with in kindergarten are a form of art. The dance you preformed for your cheerleading squad in high school is an art. Art helps us learn and enjoy our journey into becoming adults. The creative arts do not only consist of writing or painting. They consist of many things that people may not realize; song writing, dancing, singing, English papers, building, filming, photography, cooking etc...
The Problem
Today, schools around the country are wanting to cut out art education programs to save money. School providers believe that art programs are too costly, and the money can be used for greater purposes. School boards believe that a school can function without art, or that art’s programs class time should be cut down. What many educators do not realize is that art will always surround us in everyday life. Art education programs being taught in schools help children to thrive in…
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