Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

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Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Employees are the real assets and the most important stakeholders for business organizations. They are primarily responsible for doing the business operations effectively and efficiently for their organizations. If employees are not there, organizations are just buildings without life. This is why employees need to be managed in the same way as other important organizational resources, like financial resources, information resources, etc (Robbins & Coulter, 2006). In order to ensure the highest quality of business operations and customer services, managers have to keep their employees motivated and directed towards the organizational goals. There are various ways in which employees can be managed to achieve and maintain excellence in their performance. This paper explains the most widely used management techniques for managing and motivating employees at the workplace (Saxena, 2009). Manager-Employee Relationship: Managers are the organizational members who are responsible to get the organizational work done in a well-organized and efficient manner from their subordinates and lower level employees (Robbins & Coulter, 2006). This essentially requires that they must have developed and maintained strong relations with these employees. It means that they should guide and supervise them in a cooperative way so that they achieve the desired results for the organization without bringing any issues and problems. Essentials
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