Achieving the Goals of the French

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The French Revolution is known to be the bloodiest and most violent revolution humankind has experienced. The French Revolution was started with the following three goals in mind: a change in government, a change in economy, and the delivery of equality for all. An extensive effort was used to correct these problems; however, it came at the cost of people’s freedom. Authoritarian revolutionaries intended to solve France’s struggles and drove the revolution in hope to improve the lives of the people. By looking at the evolution of France, through the years of 1781 to 1815, in terms of politics, economics, and social class structure, it becomes evident that although the French Revolution did not meet all goals, the majority of the goals were met. The French succeeded in bringing economic stability to the country. A massive accumulation of debt and financial struggle plagued the country, ruining the lives of the common people. Revolutionaries were later able to recover slowly from these troubles and improve the common person’s life. The misuse of French money greatly troubled the economy. The luxurious lives of the royal family used up a large fraction of the French budget. Millions of dollars of French treasury were spent yearly for the royal family to continue their extravagant lives. After the revolution was fought, Napoleon created a new system of French finance and closely monitored the flow of money. This shows that the revolution succeeded in gaining control
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