Achilles : A Hero Myth In The Iliad By Homer

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Hero Myth
Most of the time, movies present heroes that realize extraordinary things; they come from the ordinary world, conquer the word by their super action, or realize things that ordinary people seem cannot do. Troy (2004) is one of these movies that create fascination to the viewers and make them to be a hero. The movie is an adaptation of the poem Iliad written by the blind poet Homer. Achilles, the principal actor even if he finally dies in the movie, is a perfect example of the hero myth since despite his special power, he needed the help of his fighters, and must face big challenge before doing action.
As a hero myth, Achilles has a special power in the movie that makes him unbeaten and immortal. He has a super power that make him beat and kill all his opponents and win many wars for Agamemnon, the king of Greck. Homer, the blind poet who has written the original story told that Archilles’ power come from his goddess mother, who at his birth, hold him in his hells and dip him on a powerful river. Thus, all parts of his body that have touched the water have contained a super strength, a special power. When opponents hit him or even wound his body with their swords, he becomes stronger and still beat them. With his super power and his kills to manage armies, he has allowed the Greek army to win many wars. He has represented the strength of the army; anytime he is not here the army lost the fights. That is why, the king Agamemnon, who want to win the Trojan war to

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