Achilles : Moral Guide? Or Moral Taboo?

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Achilles: Moral Guide? Or Moral Taboo?

In the modern world we are surrounded by technology and as a result the buzzing of television sets, computers monitors, and cellular devices continuously fills the air to the point that it almost seems to consume us. With this technology we stay connected through social media, text, email one another, go to school, do our jobs, and even grocery shop. Though this technology is fairly new our dependency on these devices has grown rapidly recently and is still continuously growing more and more every day. As a result of our transition to becoming the technological society we are today we have to realize we have let it transform not only how we do things and stay connected to one another, but how we see the world in general, and even how we set our moral standards. In fact, it has changed our society so rapidly that I frequently find myself asking how does our societies moral standards compare to that of those in the ancient times. When I say ancient I don’t mean a few hundred years. I mean back when some of the greatest pieces of technology available where considered the wheel, the chariot and trench irrigation instead of the 3-D printers, and touch screen devices we have in the 21st century, and back when bloody wars were fought for honor and land instead of the to the death battle for cell phone signal you see in everyday America. Nevertheless, despite these constant thoughts popping into my head I never truly searched for an answer to…

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