Achilles Rage

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In book one of the Iliad, Homer debunks Achilles rage as both dishonorable and duplicitous. Achilles may demonstrate great courage and strength, but he is severely deficient in the other qualities of an epic hero: temperance, magnanimity, and a sense of loyalty. His rage masked all these essential attributes. Though he is known as the most skilled and strong warrior, that doesn’t make up for the fact that Achilles acts upon his emotions, not his mind. Think of Achilles as a pot of water on a stove; calm and still until interrupted. Agamemnon is the heater and what causes Achilles to boil. In attempt to restore his honor, Achilles “raged on... day after day he ground his heart out, waiting there, yearning…” (1.581, 585-586). Agamemnon refuses
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