Achilles Shield Is Much More Than A Tale Of War And Glory

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Achilles shield is much more than a tale of war and glory. Within the text, lies the struggles of life and death and the relationships between a god with a man, earth and the heavens, and a boy with his mother. This is the tale of the, birth, life, and death of one of the greatest heros ever to live. However was his status worth his life? Is death a worthy price for eternal life in legend and song? Is it wrong for a mother to let her son die, for an ultimately pointless cause, to let him give his life for glory. How does she do this when she knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, he would 've lived his life….a peaceful man. How can she reach the conclusion this is acceptable? Furthermore, how does she reason to herself that being remembered is worth dying for or that giving up everything for the uncertainty of death is worth his life, all for glory? There are many uncertainties and speculative points to be made while reviewing this moving litituare.
Would one die to be remembered? First, what must be evaluated is the clear psychopathology of anyone who would. To die for any reason goes against every survival bound viber in your subconscious tapestry, For any mortal man this is the source of fear and loathing (especially in Las Vegas.) To willingly go into battle with no intent of return would be an unsurpassable mental barrier most men would never be able to surpass. This raises the thought, is Achilles utterly insane or is he the among the bravest of men? Presumably, we…
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