Achilles Shield Is Much More Than A Tale Of War And Glory

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Achilles shield is much more than a tale of war and glory. Within the text, lies the struggles of life and death and the relationships between a god with a man, earth and the heavens, and a boy with his mother. This is the tale of the, birth, life, and death of one of the greatest heros ever to live. However was his status worth his life? Is death a worthy price for eternal life in legend and song? Is it wrong for a mother to let her son die, for an ultimately pointless cause, to let him give his life for glory. How does she do this when she knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, he would 've lived his life….a peaceful man. How can she reach the conclusion this is acceptable? Furthermore, how does she reason to herself that being …show more content…
Every man has his weakness, even the son of a god. Achilles lived and died. Between these two moments in time, he did everything in his power to make a difference, an impact, a scar, a shining moment, anything he could as long as he was remembered. its merely coincidence that achilles wasn 't one of the greatest evils ever to walk the earth. with a passion like he had to do something, it was merely coincidental what he did was “good”. most likely this was because his mother swayed his conscious towards a strong footing in justice. this however is all speculation. as its said history is written by the victor and its no different with the trojan war. Achilles slaughtered thousands of good men without a second thought. he took fathers, husbands, and brothers. yet he is revered as a man of great accomplishment. Was society so far astraught by the love of war that killing was to be revered? is society still in the state of mind that we worship those who go into the killing fields and walk away with blood on their hands? if society today still is, we will never know. our people will never admit it as a flaw. and this is the greatest tragedy to be covered in this paper. its only water, its only fire, its only love. its only slaughter were only killers were only its only blood. cain killed abel, and the seed of evil was rooted in us all. supposedly all any of us can do is the beast with the major moar handicap we all
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