Achilles Sing The Rage Of Peleus

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In the work of literature known as The Iliad, written by Homer and translated by Robert Fagles, the writing can be classified as an epic. Said classification can be noted due to traits of a hero playing a significant role in others, supernatural beings and events complicating the plot, universal ideas (such as good versus evil), and the hero going on a journey to achieve a goal. Such traits can be noted as a hero comes from mysterious origins. In the Rage of the Achilles, “...sing the rage of Peleus’ [a goddess] son of Achilles” (Page: 182. Line 1). Achilles being the son of Peleus, a goddess, grants Achilles with superhuman traits. In Greek mythology, Achilles is written as being immortal around his entire body, except his heel. It is also noted of a hero being of high importance; his actions determining the fate of a nation or group of people.…show more content…
Line(s) 90-91), Hector is referred to as a prince, giving the evidence of him being regarded as a figure of high importance. It can also be noted of a hero setting a goal to achieve, and then later accomplish. Achilles, “Enraged and grief-stricken... decides to avenge the death of his family” (Page: 201), sets a goal to avenge his friend’s death by killing Hector--which is eventually completed. In the text, the hero also performs exceedingly courageous or superhuman
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