Achilles and Homer

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Professor Reagan C. Smith Humanities Greek/ Roman 3 June 2011 Homer and The Impact He Has Left Behind Homer can be said one of the greatest poets perhaps even literarily genius of all time. If you can get past the part that Homer may or not even be a person at all. There is no concrete knowledge of even his existence but scholars would say that it is safe to assume if he did existed it would be around 8-9 century BCE. Most likely he would be from the Island of Chios due to the writing style of the Iliad. One thing we do know is that whatever this Homer character is he has largely contributed to many writers, poets, and philosophy after his time. Homer also gives generally pretty accurate accounts of true history of that time just of…show more content…
Homer could be also thought as being a pioneer historian, poet of his time. It is Homer who inspires other poets to perhaps imitate him. One poet was Hesiod an direct inheritor in the epic tradition as far when it comes to keeping up with Homers philosophy, although his poems were not as long yet his works were generally good. Herodotus actually made a living of keeping records of history. Homer even left a legacy of followers called the Homeridae claiming to be related descended from the one and only Homer. The fact is that Homer poems have impacted many people even to this day. Otero 4 Homer presence can still obviously be felt in the 21 century in many different medias. There are plenty of books that spin of the main ideas of the Iliad and the Odyssey books like the Ilium, The lost books of the Odyssey and Ransom are still being published today. Even in Hollywood the presence of Homer can be felt in such movies as Troy, and O Brother Where Art Thou. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. As per Heinrich Schliemann, an amateur archaeologist, using information in the Iliad and other Greek text, discovered the site that is now accepted as
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