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Acid Base Extraction

The purpose of this laboratory assignment was two-fold, first, we were to demonstrate the extraction of acids and bases, finally, determining what unknowns were present. Second, we were to extract caffeine from tea. These two assignment will be documented in two separate entities.

Introduction: Acid/base extraction involves carrying out simple acid/base reactions in order to separate strong organic acids, weak organic acids neutral organic compounds and basic organic substances. The procedure for this laboratory assignment are on the following pages.

3) Separation of Carboxylic Acid, a Phenol and a Neutral Substance

The purpose of this acid/base extraction is to separate a mixture of
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Add additional 5ml of water to funnel, shake as before

Add 15 ml NaCl to funnel. Shake Bottom layer is white and NaCl was added to the mixture and allow layers to separate gooey. wash the ether and draw off lower layer, which is layer and to remove discarded organic substances
NaOH and
NaHCO3 Pour ether layer into 50ml Erlenmeyer flask from the top of the separatory funnel (not allowing any water droplets to be transferred) Flask 3

Add anhydrous NaSO4 to ether extract
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