Acid Rain Affects Ocean Life And Ecosystems

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What is acid rain? Acid rain is rain that becomes acidified in the atmosphere. In this situation, acid rain can cause lots of damage, and we are going to have to pay for it.Our earth is getting destroyed by many things. These things can be air pollution, water pollution or even global warming. One main thing is acid rain. Acid rain destroys water, forest, and it kills wildlife. All of these damages affect ocean life and ecosystems. Acid rain damages wildlife and their environments. For example, according to Marian Chertow, he says that acid rain damages lakes, rivers, and streams. Therefore, because the water is polluted with more of the wildlife will die from the acids in the water. In this case, this part is important because if you think about it, many people and animals get food from the water. For example, the fish live in the ponds. But if the acid from the acid rain gets into the water. Then the fish will die and that will be less food for animals and humans. This means that the animal life will die down.For instance, according to Marian Chertow he claims, acid rain can damage forests and soil. Therefore, forests and many areas that contribute to soil are places for animals to live. So this means that they will lose…show more content…
This is very important because is all of the ecosystems get destroyed, then none of the animals will have a place to live and be safe. So, therefore, it will be hard for the animals to live and be safe. To conclude, acid rain has many effects on aquatic animals and their
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