Acid Rain And Global Warning

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For example, China with a huge population and fast growing economy is the major contributor to acid rain and global warning. It is the world’s larger user of coal around the world and many coal fired industrial and electricity plants do not have even the rudimentary pollution control. China’s sulfur dioxide emission is surpassing the a third of the country which is causing acid rain in their territory.
Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas that smells like brunt matches. In the atmosphere it oxidizes to sulfur trioxide, which combines readily with water vapor to form sulfuric acid, in the form of mist or particles that can be transported long distances by prevailing wind currents. The colorless gas can stay in the clouds without any problems for several days, and can cause trouble in the summer because of the heat of the sun. This can fall on the ground either by a snowstorm or rainstorm taken indirectly by the plants causing great deal of damage. Also, this chemical effect is more visible in dry location where the sun can reach high temperatures with the acid.
People who own big energy companies have been manipulating local and government’s laws for several years. The process of coal mining has attracted so many greedy people that local authorities and the government have to intervene stipulating more strong laws to regulate such of activities, because they destroy not just environment, but they interrupt people activities in remote towns. People are powerless to defend…

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