Acid Rain : The Discovery Of Acid Rain

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Beginning with this phenomenons name, acid rain, it has always had an distinguishable pull of attraction towards me. Commencing from the first time I heard about it in the years of my elementary, I have always had a keen interest in this oddly named rain. One would think any type of rain is beneficial to all natural living forms, but with my discovery of acid rain it seems not. Along with my envisionment of what acid rain is, it has always been a grey area in my mind and thoughts. Is the rain green? Does it have a smell? Does it sting? I have never had the chance to deeply indulge myself into further studies and research on this such topic. For this reason I believe that this report is an ideal occasion to begin and further my knowledge on acid rain. I will attempt to answer the following questions, “what is acid rain?”, “how does acid rain affect plants?” , “ how does it affect animals?”, “ does acid rain influence people's lives and health?”, and finally “are there any ways to prevent acid rain?”. To conclude, I believe by answering these question, not only will I be more knowledgeable and thoughtful of the earth and the rain cycle but I will finally feed the hunger I have had for knowing what acid rain truly is. Upon further research, I discovered that Acid Rain is quite a destructive phenomenon, and correctly embodies its given name; acid rain is the precipitation of polluted acidic rain water. Acid rain has a high Acidic pH level, approximately 4.3 pH, due to two
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