Acidity The Natural Way

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Increased secretion of acids in the stomach gives rise to acidity. Acidity is manifested by several uncomfortable symptoms such as burning and pain in the chest and stomach; nausea; bitter taste in mouth; vomiting and discomfort in the stomach. Acidity, been one of the commonest digestive complaints. At some point in our lives, we have all suffered from these symptoms. Acidity is generally stimulated by consumption of spicy foods, junk food, carbonated drinks, fried foods, chocolates, stress or lack of sleep. Obesity, pregnancy and other medical conditions may also give rise to acidity. Irrespective of the reason, acidity can prove to be an uncomfortable experience.
There are several natural remedies that work wonders in keeping acidity at bay and also in providing relief from acidity. Though, chronic acidity complaints may require proper medications.
Some of natural remedies are as follows:- Bananas They prove to be an effective antidote for acidity, as it has a high pH value. More the pH value, lesser are the symptoms of acidity. Banana further, enhances the production of mucous by the stomach lining which reduces the harmful effects of acidity. The high fibre content of banana decreases the recurrence of acidity. Apart from banana, watermelon and cucumbers too are effective against acidity. Consumption of overripe bananas during an attack of acidity is even more beneficial.

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