Acknowledgement Essay

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Dear Sir,

Prof. Dr. Serajul Hoque
Lecturer in Marketing,
Faculty of Business
ASA University Bangladesh

Sub: Submission of a Assigment.

It is my pleasure to submit the assigment report on “AKIJ GROUP”. So I prepared Report about “AKIJ GROUP” as a partial requirement for fulfillment of MBA. I have collected primary & secondary data from the respected related respondents & finally analyzed the information to prepare this Report to place before you for your kind approval.

I have employed our best efforts to achieve the objectives the study & hope that my endeavor will serve this purpose.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours


By the grace of Almighty Allah, the most benevolent merciful,
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From its humble beginning, it has been developed into a huge corporation of infallible quality and excellent service. It highly values its consumers as unique individuals and always ensures quality merchandise to suit the needs of each distinct consumer group. It works hard to preserve the environment and culture of Bangladesh, side by side, plays an outstanding role to develop the country economically advanced.

The industrial wastage means little to them because their factories have been built up with recycling and the environment concept. A large number of people are employed by the group and cared for as members of the Akij family. The non-profit concerns are also involved in sustaining development of the country. Flexibility is the niche of the group to cope with the current versatile market. We went to the headquarters of the Akij Group to take an interview of Sheikh Akij Uddin, chairman & managing director of the group and Sheikh Jamil Uddin, director (textile). All the corporate offices of the Group are housed in the Akij Chamber, an 11-storied building, located at Dilkusha commercial area, one of the busiest business hubs of the Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh. When we reached there, Sheikh Jamil welcomed us. He is an energetic and visionary young man with professional approach who looks after the Akij Textile Mills Ltd, one of the top ten textile mills of the country considering all
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